As an educator in cocktail history and disciplines I find joy in teaching hands-on and engaging cocktail classes through online platforms, in private clubs, offices, and in people’s homes. 


Recently, I was the bar manager at San Francisco’s Bon Voyage!, and previously worked in New York City at Maialino, Barbuto and Dante at Genuine.



Craving a different way to connect as an office? Looking for a captivating way to raise funds for your non-profit organization? Have a birthday coming up and want to celebrate with your friends? The experience options I offer are great for many occasions. Exciting date nights, corporate events, bicoastal happy hour hangs, enthusing exhausted teachers, social distancing garden parties, weddings, gallery openings, and perhaps to just simply celebrate the weekend and good company!


My CIY (craft it yourself) virtual cocktail classes are designed to help participants understand the techniques of bartending, while making balanced cocktails at home. The personalized cocktail menu for private virtual events are designed to reflect participants' cocktail interests with a focus on using ingredients you most likely have in your home bar and pantry. If you'd enjoy a spirits or wine tasting course, or a class using specific spirits or based around a specific topic, I'd be delighted to work with you in designing this kind of virtual class.


I am also available for social distancing garden parties in the Bay Area. For these in-person events, you will receive a more complex cocktail menu designed around your imbibing preferences. If your desire is for an engaging experience, we can work together on curating a hands-on & educational class/event. You can choose full service bartending, or cocktail stations so you and your guests can learn how to make cocktails. Other engaging participation options include: cocktail design and execution, wine or spirits tasting, food and cocktail pairings, and topic based participatory cocktail history lectures. 

Click the link below, let's make a cocktail or two... or five together. 


Classes are designed to be entertaining, engaging and fun. My hope is that you will walk away from class feeling confident about creating your next cocktail with ease and a better knowledge of the craft of bartending.


Upcoming Virtual Cocktail Classes

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Craft It Yourself Cocktail Class

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Friday, January 8 6:30pm PT

Saturday, February 6 2:00pm PT

CIY (Craft It Yourself) cocktails, a class designed to guide you in crafting cocktails with a goal for you to walk away with a deeper understanding of bartending techniques & how to make balanced & delicious cocktails in your home.


In this 75 minute engaging class, we will be crafting 2 cocktails:

Spiced Pear Maple Manhattan

The Manhattan is an all time classic stirred & strong cocktail. For this winter inspired version we will make a fast and easy spiced pear and maple syrup to be paired with sweet vermouth & whiskey, tequila, or rum. If you prefer drinking cocktails that are not so strong or ones that are made with gin or vodka, bring some sparkling water & a lemon to the party (gin or vodka too, if that is your preference). Rebecca will share with you how to create a lighter version of this cocktail in class.

Celery Paloma

Fresh grapefruit juice & celery are a perfect pair. For this version of the Paloma we will craft a grapefruit & celery syrup to be paired with fresh grapefruit and lime juice, sparkling water & your choice of tequila, rum, gin or vodka.

Friday, January 8 6:30pm PT

Saturday, February 6 2:00pm PT

AirBnB Experiences 

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Each virtual class is specifically designed to guide you in making cocktails using ingredients & tools you likely already have at home, or can easily pick up from your local grocery store.

We will be making 2 cocktails perfect for winter and celebrating!


Jammy Ginger French 75 - made with fig jam, ginger, sparkling wine and vodka, gin, brandy or bourbon.


Sweater Weather Sour - we will craft a green apple & brown sugar syrup to pair with grapefruit, lemon, & the option of egg whites or aquafaba (liquid from a can of chickpeas). This cocktail can be crafted with with whiskey, brandy, tequila or rum.




If you attended the Spotlight20 virtual cocktail class lessons, click the links below to access to recipes!


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